Americans for Cloning Dead Celebrities (ACDC)

The tremendous success of Americans for Cloning Elvis (ACE) has created demand for a sister organization, Americans for Cloning Dead Celebrities (ACDC). By becoming a member, you show your support for cloning the celebrity of your choice.

You may choose any celebrity, as long as he or she is dead. Or you may enroll a friend--membership is a great gift!

Members receive a handsome, full-sized certificate, suitable for framing and displaying. Bob Meyer, Founder and President, proudly hand-signs each certificate. As a bonus, members also receive a wallet-sized membership card. Both items boast the member's name, chosen celebrity and the organization's mission statement.

For a limited time, you can join Americans for Cloning Dead Celebrities (ACDC) for only $10. It's easy to order your membership materials. Just click the button below!

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