Americans for Cloning Dead Celebrities (ACDC)
Sister organization to Americans for Cloning Elvis (ACE)

If you want to clone your favorite dead celebrity, you've come to the right place!

Bob Meyer
Founder and President

Bacteria, sheep, monkeys--all cloned! Some fear the possibilities. I urge you to seize them. Americans for Cloning Dead Celebrities (ACDC) requests your support. Make your view known around the world by JOINING NOW!

The tremendous success of Americans for Cloning Elvis (ACE) has created demand for a sister organization, Americans for Cloning Dead Celebrities (ACDC). By becoming a member, you show your support for cloning the celebrity of your choice.

You may choose any celebrity, as long as he or she is dead. Or you may enroll a friend--membership is a great gift!

Members receive a handsome, full-sized certificate, suitable for framing and displaying. Bob Meyer, Founder and President, proudly hand-signs each certificate. As a bonus, members also receive a wallet-sized membership card. Both items boast the member's name, chosen celebrity and the organization's mission statement.

For a limited time, you can join Americans for Cloning Dead Celebrities (ACDC) for only $10. Join the thousands of people who have already expressed their enthusiastic support for cloning. Just click the button below!

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